Sip! peppermint dark chocolate gelato sundae cone with whipped cream and sprinkles

Sip!® Extraordinary Chocolate Gelato

Sip! Extraordinary Chocolate Gelato

With versatile Sip! Extraordinary Drinking Chocolate mix, you can make this easy, luscious Sip! Extraordinary Chocolate Gelato.

  • ice cream maker
  1. Prepare your favorite flavor of Sip! according to package instructions.

  2. Chill prepared Sip!.

  3. Freeze chilled, prepared Sip! in an ice cream maker following manufacturer's instructions.

Home chefs, we recommend a Ninja Creami for superior results. Pro chefs, you’ll love the luxuriously creamy results using a Pacojet.

To make the gelato sundae cone pictured above, we used Peppermint Dark Chocolate Sip!, prepared the gelato in a Ninja Creami, and added white chocolate chips. To assemble the sundae cone, scoop desired amount of gelato into cone, top with whipped cream, Sip! Extraordinary Chocolate Sauce, and sprinkles!  

Sip! is available in 3 classic flavors – Dark Chocolate, Milk Chocolate, and Peppermint Dark Chocolate. Click here to order Sip! now so you can make this decadent gelato!

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