1. Where can I buy Sip! Extraordinary Drinking Chocolate?

At this time, Sip! Extraordinary Drinking Chocolate is available for purchase on our website shop here.

2. Can I prepare Sip! Extraordinary Drinking Chocolate with a non-dairy beverage?

Yes! Sip! Extraordinary Drinking Chocolate is delicious prepared with alternative non-dairy beverages such as almond milk, soy milk, oat milk, or coconut milk. Chef En-Ming recommends an unsweetened variety. Note that the drinking chocolate may be slightly creamier. Adjust the consistency with additional milk if you like.

3. Is Sip! Extraordinary Drinking Chocolate vegan?

Original Dark Chocolate and Peppermint flavors are vegan. Milk Chocolate flavor is not vegan as it contains sweet cream solids.

4. I’m having trouble resealing the pouch. What should I do? 

Our superfine, quick-dissolving powder tends to get stuck in the zipper channel making it difficult to reseal. Please clear the channel with a flat toothpick or a fork tine, and your pouch should reseal easily. Alternatively, you can simply secure the pouch with a bag clip.

5. The ingredients include modified cornstarch. Do I need to cook the starch for a few minutes?

There is no need to cook the cornstarch. Just bring it to a simmer. Modified cornstarch has already been cooked; that’s why it’s creamy when it’s prepared both hot and cold.

6. Can I cook my drinking chocolate over higher heat on the stovetop?

That’s a great question. All stovetops are different. One serving should come to a simmer in less than a minute. Sip! can be cooked at medium to high temperature. Whisk or stir constantly to prevent sticking.

7. Is Sip! Extraordinary Drinking Chocolate made with ethically-sourced ingredients?

Yes, the cocoa used in our Extraordinary Drinking Chocolate supports the Cocoa Horizons Foundation whose mission is to improve the livelihoods of cacao farmers and their communities through the promotion of sustainable, entrepreneurial farming; improved productivity; and community development.

8. Do you offer gift cards?

Sorry, at this time, we do not offer gift cards.

9. Do you offer wholesale pricing?

Yes, we offer wholesale pricing to retailers who meet our criteria for resale. If you would like to apply for a wholesale account, please register here or submit an inquiry to [email protected].


1. How do I track my order?

You will receive an email with tracking info once your order has shipped and is scanned by USPS.

2. My order tracking says my order is in transit. It’s been over a week. What should I do?

Please email [email protected] and include your order number and tracking information.

3. My package arrived badly damaged. What should I do?

We apologize for the inconvenience. Please email [email protected] and include your order number and tracking information.

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