Sip! Extraordinary Drinking Chocolate offers you endless possibilites. Our drinking chocolate mixes are not only for making a hot, comforting cup of rich, creamy drinking chocolate. Chef En-Ming is also keeping busy creating fun recipes that use Sip! mixes. You will find Chef En-Ming’s Sip! recipes here – be sure to check back regularly as we continue posting new recipes.

For general preparation and serving tips, please check out our Sip! Tips below.

Preparation Tips

  • Mix Sip! Extraordinary Drinking Chocolate with a small whisk – fast and easy! No whisk? We’ve got you covered – use a spoon or heatproof spatula.

  • Leave no Sip! behind: Use a heatproof spatula to scrape out every last drop of Sip! from your saucepan or microwaveable container. Extraordinary to the last drop.

  • Got a kitchen scale? For one serving, put a small saucepan on the scale and weigh 1 oz. of Sip! Extraordinary mix into the pan. Tare the scale and add 4 oz. of milk. Whisk it over medium heat until it simmers. Give it a few seconds more of whisking off the heat and pour into your favorite sipping cup. Enjoy!

  • Using a microwave? Weigh your Sip! Drinking Chocolate mix into a large microwave safe glass measuring cup. Tare the scale and weigh the milk into the measuring cup. Heat for 1 minute on high. Whisk and heat again for 30 seconds to 1 minute to a simmer. Whisk and pour into your sipping cup. Cool slightly before enjoying. The large glass measuring cup helps you to see your drink start bubbling and prevents it from overflowing. Extraordinary!

Serving Tips

  • Spike it up: Blend a splash of your favorite rum, brandy, bourbon, or liqueur into your serving of Sip! Drinking Chocolate. Top with whipped cream or marshmallows.

  • Spice it up: Blend 1/4 tsp of cinnamon powder into a serving portion of milk and Sip! Drinking Chocolate mix. Proceed with the preparation instructions.

  • I Scream You Scream: Place a scoop of your favorite ice cream into your Sip! Drinking Chocolate. Oh, yum!

  • A little hot out? Mix a few servings of Sip! Drinking Chocolate without heating and refrigerate overnight. Pour over ice, give it a quick stir and enjoy! The Drinking Chocolate becomes creamier if it rests overnight in the refrigerator.

  • Sip! and Dip: Dunk your favorite cookie into your Sip! Drinking Chocolate. Savor the delights!

  • Got a blender? Frozen drinking chocolate is Extraordinary! Prepare a few servings of chilled Sip! Drinking Chocolate. Pour into ice cube trays and freeze. Blend the cubes with a splash of milk in your blender and enjoy the best frozen drinking chocolate ever.

2 white mugs of Sip! Peppermint Dark Chocolate hot gourmet drinking chocolate in a modern kitchen

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